5 Ways to upsell & cross-sell at the checkout

April 27, 2023

Selling doesn’t end at the checkout. In fact, it can actually be a great opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. Use the checkout to your advantage, and learn how to optimize your counter space and your point of sale. Whether you’re bringing your store data with you on your mobile POS or training your staff on suggestive selling, you can bulk up any sale at the checkout. Here are five ways to upsell and cross-sell at the checkout!

Display items strategically by the checkout

Keep items by the checkout for shoppers to pick up at the last minute as they’re heading to the checkout. It’s a great place to display products because all of your in-store customers will have the opportunity to see it, unlike displays in other parts of your store.

What you display at the counter will depend on your business, but typically these items are smaller – small enough for shoppers to easily grab them up, like accessories or add-ons to the items they’ve already selected for purchase.

For example, if you run a clothing store you might want to keep your hair accessories, belts, or jewelry up by the checkout. Likewise, if you run a grocery store you might want to keep small snack items or chewing gum by the counter. If you work in a shoe store, maybe you want to keep leather care spray or unique shoe laces at the counter. Any small addition they can just grab on the way is ideal. 

Get a mobile POS

With a POS you can use on any device, you can sell directly from a smartphone or tablet. This allows you and your sales staff to forego the constraints of the checkout counter, and check out anywhere in the store. While you may miss out on the checkout displays, a mobile POS gives you the freedom to check out while you’re on the sales floor with your customers, so you can make sales without having to drag your customer to the checkout counter. 

With Oliver POS, you can check customer purchase history, product information, and stock levels while out on the sales floor, so you can deliver informed and personalized customer service.

Train your staff to upsell and cross-sell

When it comes to your online store, there are tons of WooCommerce plugins that will make suggestions for your online shoppers. However, when it comes to in-store shoppers, its up to you and your staff. 

Take the time to train your staff how to upsell and cross-sell effectively. It can be a tricky to master – if not done properly, your sales staff could come across as overly pushy and lose the sale altogether. Likewise, educate your staff about your products, and discuss with them complimentary add-ons they can suggest when on the sales floor. The more they know the products, and the more practice they have, the more educated their suggestions will be to your shoppers.

Make it personal

Personalization is important when it comes to retail. According to this study, 86% of consumers say that personalization has an impact on their purchasing decisions. To read more about how you can personalize the customer experience, read our blog about it.

Customers are more likely to spend when they feel special, so make sure they feel welcomed at your store. With features such as Oliver’s customer purchase history and customer profiles, which you can access at a second’s notice with a mobile POS, you and your staff can make suggestions based on your customer’s personal preferences and purchase history. 

Get Points and Rewards

Points and Rewards systems are crucial for upselling and cross-selling because earning points encourages your shoppers to buy more–every purchase makes them feel like they’re getting something in return. A great way to upsell with your POS is to notify your customers when they’ve accumulated almost enough points to win something. Perhaps they need to spend twenty more dollars and they’ll win a discount. Install WooCommerce Points & Rewards for your online customers, and use it in-store with Oliver POS Points and Rewards.