Amelia and Oliver Announce Partnership

May 24, 2023

Amelia and Oliver have announced an exciting partnership, the intention of which is to provide as much value as possible to WooCommerce merchants who:

  1. Have a booking system for appointment scheduling and/or event reservation
  2. Have a brick-and-mortar presence
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Amelia and Oliver Announce Partnership 5

Booking Reservation POS Plugin with Amelia

Oliver is an omnichannel commerce kit that offers a range of solutions, including point-of-sale for WooCommerce, payment processing solutions, self-service kiosks, an online store builder, and hardware solutions. Oliver has been a leading WooCommerce POS for years, and has recently announced its reseller program. Amelia is a leading appointment booking and scheduling software that helps businesses manage their appointments and bookings efficiently. Their innovative software provides a range of features, such as online booking, automatic reminders, and real-time availability, which can help businesses save time and improve their customer service. Amelia’s userbase includes businesses of all sizes, from small startups to large enterprises.

Oliver register 3.0
Amelia and Oliver Announce Partnership 6

Amelia and Oliver users alike will have access to exclusive discounts that apply to both product offerings as well as a new streamlined pricing plan consisting of a POS with Amelia’s booking system built-in, known as the “Booking Reservation POS for WooCommerce.” In addition to Oliver POS, Kiosk, Sites, Pay, and Hardware, Oliver works with resellers – including ISOs, developers, and agencies – interested in distributing one or more Oliver products. Oliver achieves this through what it refers to as the world’s first-ever Commerce Development Kit, or CDK

Oliver commerce kit
Amelia and Oliver Announce Partnership 7

Oliver resellers get access to the CDK at a streamlined, transparent monthly or annual price, depending on their preference. That price is fixed, remaining the same regardless of the number of merchant accounts and the number of registers, locations, and employees associated with each account. The CDK itself serves as a one-stop-shop for anything related to Oliver. The first version of the Oliver CDK is a license manager, complete with sales/training manuals, while the upcoming version will include an Oliver Pay rate manager, an onboarding builder, and more.

Amelia will be promoting the Oliver CDK to select developers among its userbase, including those using the Amelia Developer Plan. Developers using Amelia for merchant integrations are prime candidates for the Oliver reseller program, especially those servicing multiple merchants with physical storefronts, and will have a discounted entry into the reseller program.That means that the partnership between Amelia and Oliver will be catered to merchants and developers alike.

Amelia Booking Solution
Amelia and Oliver Announce Partnership 8

In summary, the partnership between Amelia and Oliver will provide significant cost-saving benefits to merchants and developers alike who are planning to incorporate WooCommerce for online store management, Amelia for its booking system, and Oliver for its POS and other omnichannel products. Oliver’s omnichannel commerce kit provides businesses with a comprehensive set of tools to manage their sales and payments efficiently across multiple channels, and their reseller program makes it easy for partners to promote and sell their solutions to their clients. Amelia’s appointment booking and scheduling software helps businesses manage their appointments and bookings efficiently, and their userbase includes businesses of all sizes. Together, Amelia and Oliver are well-positioned to meet the needs of omnichannel businesses and provide them with the tools they need to succeed.