Rozbalení modelu Oliver Mini

27 dubna, 2023

Do you like to know what you’re buying before you buy it? Of course you, who doesn’t? That’s why we’ve filmed this unboxing video, so you can learn about our hardware and our POS so you know what you’re getting.


Let’s go over a few details about the Oliver Mini

The Oliver Mini is a small, mobile point of sale. Compact and lightweight, it has the feel of a tablet, but comes equipped with several extra features. The HD multitouch screen, 11.6 inches, is perfectly sensitive to the touch and is tilted at an upwards angle for your comfort. It comes with a built-in receipt printer (with your first roll of receipt paper, too!), and a battery holder so you can use your POS without a watt of electricity. On top of that, it comes with a customer-facing screen to keep your customers in the loop. To learn more about the intricate details, you can check out the Oliver Mini zde.

The Oliver Mini is ideal for retailers who operate out of roadshows, pop-up shops, sidewalk sales, mobile shops, or other set ups that involve mobility or limited space. It’s portable size and weight make it a breeze to carry and travel with, and it can be set up anywhere that has a wifi connection. You can bring your store anywhere!

To get started with your new Oliver Mini, plug it in with the provided power cord (or put the batteries in!) and turn it on. Install the Oliver POS App, which should at the forefront of the App Store on your device. Sign in to your Oliver POS account, and voila! Your entire store is at your fingertips, and you’re ready to start selling! 

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