POS Solutions for Sporting Goods Retailers

Elevate your sporting goods brand by integrating Oliver's state-of-the-art solutions: POS, Kiosk, Payment Platforms, and Advanced Hardware.
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Begin Your Sales Journey with Devices You Already Own

For sporting goods retailers, Oliver POS offers unparalleled flexibility. Compatible with any Internet-enabled device, they empower you to showcase and sell sports equipment and apparel effortlessly. Whether you're using a tablet or computer, in-browser or via dedicated apps on iOS & Android, the transition is seamless. Dive into this innovative sales experience without any financial barriers and discover the potential of modern retail in just a few minutes.
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Fast-Track Purchases with

Step up your retail game by offering customers a quick and efficient self-checkout option. This enhancement not only boosts customer satisfaction but also optimizes staff productivity, allowing them to address other in-store priorities. With Oliver POS, your brick-and-mortar store remains in perfect sync with your online presence.

Seamless Integration for Your Sporting Goods Business

Oliver Sites revolutionizes how you sell sporting equipment and apparel online. It's designed to be user-friendly and affordable, ensuring that your online platform and physical store operate in perfect harmony. Transition effortlessly between online orders and in-store sales, maintaining consistent stock and product information.
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Sell your products however you please
Öffnen Sie das Oliver Register/Kiosk mit einem beliebigen internetfähigen Gerät im Browser.
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Öffnen Sie das Oliver Register/Kiosk über eine mobile App mit einem iPad/Android-Tablet.
Oliver Elite
Öffnen Sie das Oliver Register/Kiosk mit Hardware, die für leistungsstarke Unternehmen entwickelt wurde.
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