Empowering Remote Teams

April 27, 2023

Remote work is becoming the rule, not the exception. In years past, working remotely was seen as a last-resort option, but as technology has evolved, we’re starting to see huge benefits: accessing global talent, less time wasted in commuting, and more time with family. Over the last 12 years, remote working has grown by a stunning 159%. When COVID-19 enforced social distancing, many companies were forced to implement remote work policies while still maintaining in-office levels of productivity.

However, remote work has more resources and tools than ever before at your disposal. No matter what occupation or industry you find yourself in, there is a platform, app or plugin that will make you wonder why it took so long to try it out!

Genesis companies are on the front line of finding ways to make remote working easy, as many of them are also made up of remote teams spread across the entire country or planet. Here’s a few of their products to consider adding to your toolbox:

Creatros Technologies employs artificial intelligence to track employees’ skills with their software solution. Assessing and documenting which team members have which skills makes project management a snap by saving time on team formation, task delegation and performance management – especially in times of working remotely. It is also a convenient way for team members to find the most qualified fellow colleague to reach out for advice on their own tasks, connecting teams in the same office or in offices around the world. Right now, give it a try with a 90-day trial for a limited time. Find out more at: https://www.creatros.com/

Oliver POS, a point-of-sale system for WooCommerce (WordPress eCommerce), is a must-have for companies who are shifting into the world of eCommerce. Selling products online has become a game-changer for sustaining businesses in the current climate of social distancing. To help fellow small Canadian businesses and entrepreneurs move their business online and prevent certain shutdown, Oliver POS is offering to build starter websites within 48 hours for 40% off. Sign up at https://starter.wordpress-715812-2640674.cloudwaysapps.com/

Rally is an emerging star in the world of legal innovation. With an all-in-one document automation and client collaboration tool, legal transactions do not have to slow down in the world of remote work. Drafting and editing legal documents has historically been a time-consuming, routine process which burns hours of billable time. Rally collects information from the clients and uses AI to draft the contracts, freeing up legal talent to work on more complex and important tasks and helping to retain valuable clients. Find out more at: https://rallynow.io/.

Total IQ is an expertise management system that gives insights into team members’ specific skill sets, allowing organizations to improve operational performance, reduce turnover and engage employees at a deeper level. The AI-Assisted Planning means organizations do not have to start each project from scratch, but rather build on lessons learned from the past to save time, win new contracts and increase revenues. Find out more at: https://yourtotaliq.com/.

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