How to Promote St. Patrick’s Day in your Retail Shop

April 27, 2023

Is your retail shop ready for the upcoming St. Patrick’s weekend? If not, you better get ready! Holidays are a great excuse for shopowners to boost sales, bring in traffic, and have some fun. Take advantage of the holiday, promote your business! Here’s how to promote St. Patrick’s Day in your retail shop! 

Green everywhere.

If you’re prepared for the holiday and have some St. Patrick’s Day merchandise ready to be taken out from storage, that’s great. You’re all set. But even if you didn’t prepare for the holiday and don’t have any merchandise to promote St. Patrick’s Day, don’t fret! Have any green products in your retail shop? Gather them up. Make a beautiful display at the center of your store. Take some pictures, post them on social media. You probably have an online store, too–if you’d like to learn some tips to improve your online store, read here! Feature those green products on the homepage of your webshop. Voila, you’ve got some St. Patrick’s Day items!


Obviously. If you don’t have any appropriate St. Patrick’s Day decorations, pop on over to your local Dollar Store and pick up a few. It’s worth it the time to spruce up your shop and spend a few dollars to get shoppers into the holiday spirit. Decoration doesn’t end there either. Put up a themed banner on your webshop, or change the colors temporarily to green. Get creative, go wild!

Have a sale.

So, you have all your green products out on display. You have your webshop front page decked out in green clovers. Your physical store is brimming with green streamers and leprechaun hats. Now, it’s time to come up with a promotion. Discount all of those green products you put on display. Or, you could get a little more creative, and discount products that are environmentally ‘green’. Go ahead and give a discount to anyone wearing green or any other holiday getups. Lastly, don’t forget to make a coupon code for your online store!

Have a giveaway.

Shoppers love giveaways, and a holiday is a perfect time to have one. Select the products you’d like to hand out, ideally a bundle of items with the holiday theme. Promote your giveaway on your online store, your social media, and in your physical store. There should be qualifications for the giveaway–maybe they have to follow your social media pages, or tag their friends, or maybe they have to be wearing green–get creative! Giveaways are a great way to expand your reach and get people talking about your business.

Host or Sponsor an event.

There are probably tons of local St. Patrick’s Day celebrations going on around you. Why don’t you host your own? Have a contest to see who shows up with the best St. Patrick’s Day getup, with some of your awesome products as the prize. Or, involve some other local businesses and get them to set up something in your retail shop! Get a local restaurant or bakery to set up a stand in your shop, selling green-theme snacks to your shoppers. Make some room in your shop and host an Irish dancing competition. The possibilities are endless. This is your chance to get creative, and have some fun.