Best inventory management software for WooCommerce

April 27, 2023

Do you need inventory management software?

Yes. Inventory management is essential for all businesses, no matter what size. Without it, you’ll be running out of stock and missing out on sales, or overbuying stock you can’t sell, or even selling items you don’t even have. With inventory management, you can properly predict your stock to prevent these kinds of disasters, and operate your business much more smoothly and efficiently. Here are some tips for managing your inventory like a pro. 

What should an inventory management software do?

What consists of a good inventory management system depends on your own shop’s needs. But generally, a good inventory management software will let you bulk edit or add products, manually update your inventory across channels, and generally let you oversee and manage your stock.

So what are some of the best inventory management systems for WooCommerce?

inventory management

Oliver POS

Built into your point of sale, Oliver POS’ inventory management is ideal for retailers with both an online store and a physical store. By connecting both retail channels, Oliver POS keeps your stock fully synced at all times, so whatever sales you make online or in-store will automatically update the inventory on the opposite channel. With Oliver POS, you can access your online orders, customers, and inventory all from your POS. It also offers product reports, so you can see what sells and what doens’t. Everything is on a single platform for easy, convenient and efficient omnichannel retail.

Learn more about Oliver POS here.


ATUM is a highly-rated inventory management plugin that keeps track of your stock, suppliers, products, prices, and more, all from a single dashboard. You can install a free version of the plugin that gives you everything you need to manage your inventory. If you need extra features, such as multi-inventory management, their pricing starts at $42/year.

Smart Manager

Smart Manager isn’t just an inventory management system – it’s also a store management system! It offers product, order, customer, and post management – the whole shebang. Update products, variations, coupons, and more in just a few seconds, with a clear and intuitive navigation. You can install it on WordPress for free, or you can a single site licence for $149 a year.


A great inventory management software for bigger retails, as it offers more advanced inventory management tools such as multiple warehouse management, automatic order handling, and purchase order management. It’s pricing starts at $50/month. While it’s not a native WooCommerce plugin, it offers easy integration. 


At $200 a month, this is the most expensive inventory management software on this list, but for a good reason. Veeqo offers a wide range of advanced features, including warehouse management, product management, advanced shipping rules, and so much more! It even integrates with your POS to keep operations running smoothly. On top of that, Veeqo gives you the option of pushing your products to Amazon and Ebay in just one simple click.

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