How to make the most of your POS

April 27, 2023

If you’re trying to decide on a POS for your business, we’ve already got that covered in this post. But whether you’re looking for a POS or you’ve already got one, it’s important to utilize every feature to make the most of your POS and to get the best possible results for your business.

Keep track of your customers

Most modern POS systems have a system for keeping customer information, including their purchase history and other notes, such as preferences or product requests. Customers are important, they’re the ones keeping you in business, so it’s essential to give them a great shopping experience. Keeping track of their buying habits will give you the information necessary to sell more, and your customers will be happy because they’re getting the products they want. Additionally, something like a customer loyalty program is a great feature for incentivizing customers to make purchases and to keep coming back. Features like this will improve your customer service and boost sales, and most likely, your customers will be delighted by the personal touch.

Use in-depth reporting to get a better understanding of your business

Most POS systems offer reports that demonstrate all kinds of useful data, such as what products sell the most, which days have the highest sales, which employee makes the most sales, and even more. Any report that your POS outputs, take advantage and use that data to improve your sales. For example, an employee who has the highest sales might be a good idea to have on the busiest days. Or, maybe certain products sell on certain days of the week. In turn, you could make a social media post about this product leading up to its best-selling day, or have a promotion on that day. Insights like this are extremely useful when strategizing your business plans.

Get extensions and add-ons

Some POS systems allow for outside integrations to create a more personalized and productive POS, such as Oliver POS. It’s great because it means you can customize your system depending on your business’ specific requirements and your own preferences. Often, business owners need a specific feature to make their POS work more effectively, perhaps a prompt for an ID or a scheduling feature. If this is the case, an add-on or extension will solve your problem, as it may be difficult to find a quality and cost-effective POS with such specific features. POS systems like Oliver are open Customize your POS system to make it the perfect fit for your business.

Get to know your POS

The only way to take full advantage of your POS is to learn as much as you can about it. Watch tutorials, read the company’s FAQs, play around with the functions, and utilize their support services to learn more about their product. If you become an expert on your POS, you’ll be able to use it to its full capacity and your business will thank you for it!