Oliver POS at WordCamp Europe 2024 : A Two-Day Recap

June 14, 2024

The WordCamp Europe 2024 event at The Lingotto Conference and Exhibition Centre has been a fantastic experience thus far. The event lasted three days and featured a Contributor Day open to participants on June 13 and two Visitor Days on June 14 and 15. Bringing together a lively mix of developers, company owners, and WordPress lovers, the atmosphere has been electrifying, with educational workshops, intriguing innovations, and various possibilities for learning and development.

Day One: Contributor’s Day

The first day, June 13, 2024, was designated as Contributor Day. Today was all about giving back to the WordPress community. We attended many sessions and were very encouraged by the abundance of fresh options and improvements in the WordPress ecosystem. It was a day loaded with useful ideas and networking opportunities.

Adam Zieliński’s talk, “WordPress Playground: Use WordPress Without a Server,” from 10:15 to 11:00, was a highlight. This development-focused discussion enthralled the audience and highlighted the creative progress being made in the WordPress community. The insights gathered from these meetings underlined WordPress’s dynamic and developing character, giving us new ideas and motivation for our own projects.

Day two: Visitor Day.

The second day, June 14, 2024, marked the event’s opening to the public. The enthusiasm was evident as a significant number of guests came to our exhibit. Our tiny yet striking display, which included a Final POS background reading “Build the POS of your dreams,” grabbed a lot of attention. We displayed a variety of our goods, such as tablets, kiosks, and POS equipment.

This day was really helpful because we met with several agency owners and developers. They were eager to learn more about Final POS, our ground-breaking POS builder that allows customers to design their own POS systems, kiosks, or cash registers using a simple drag-and-drop interface similar to Elementor. Their enthusiasm in our product was clear, as several of them joined our waitlist, eager to explore how they might use our solutions to improve their operations. The passion and good responses we got were encouraging, and it reinforced our trust in Final POS’s ability to alter the POS environment.

Looking forward to Day 3.

The third day, June 15, 2024, is predicted to have the biggest attendance because it is a weekend, luring even more people to the event. We expect a busy and interesting day, with several opportunities to demonstrate Final POS and connect with a larger audience.

Memorable interactions

The encounters throughout the first two days have been quite satisfying. We spoke with a varied set of guests, including agency owners and developers, who offered great comments and expressed a strong interest in our solutions. These exchanges were not only enlightening, but also helpful in building a strong waitlist for Final POS. The guests’ excitement and interest were contagious, making each conversation relevant and beneficial.

Highlights and takeaways

The most memorable part of the first two days was unwinding with a cold beer and great Italian pizza after a long day of stimulating conversations and presentations. It was an ideal approach to unwind and reflect on our successes.

Our overall impression of the first two days is really favorable. The ideas obtained, contacts formed, and comments received were helpful. We’re looking forward to meeting more WordPress aficionados and discussing how our software innovations might help the industry. The final day will have additional enlightening seminars, engaging encounters, and opportunity to demonstrate how Final POS can transform the POS environment.

Stay tuned for additional information from WordCamp 2024 Europe!