Mobile POS for iOS & Android with Oliver

Get full access to your WooCommerce store from your iOS or Android phone with our POS system.

How can a mobile POS systems for iOS or Android help me?

An iOS/Android apps makes the checkout experience faster, easier, and more convenient for your customers and your staff. Get full access to all of your POS features on your iOS/Android phone or tablet, so you can manage your store and sell anywhere you go.

Boost your customer service with fast and efficient checkouts. Pull customers' online and in-store purchase history for more personalized service. Bring the checkout right to your customers, and put an end to long lines and irate customers.

Take your point of sale wherever you go. Host pop-up events, road shows, or farmer’s markets with ease with our point of sale for iOS/Android. Or purchase a universal Oliver Tablet Stand for a more permanent set-up in your brick-and-mortar store or restaurant. The possibilities with Oliver POS abound.
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Turn your smartphone into a mobile point of sale system

The Oliver POS for mobile iOS/Android app has everything you need to run your store successfully and directly from your phone.

Let your customers pay any way they want, with cash, credit/debit cards, checks, or store credit. Add discounts, fees, and notes to orders as you need to. Manage customers, orders, and cash directly from the Oliver Register.

Oliver POS's Android mobile POS terminal component increases your business's adaptability and productivity. Your business operations will run smoothly and be mobile-friendly with the ease of handling transactions, managing inventory, and interacting with clients from your device.

Is the iOS/Android system the same as other mobile point of sale systems?

The Oliver iOS/Android app is designed to work for iOS/Android devices, so you can easily get started with your own tablet.

Oliver gives you the affordable and convenient option of running your store directly from the device you already have. Install our iOS/Android app or open Oliver POS in your device’s web browser and start selling within minutes.

Want a more professional look? Consider purchasing an Oliver Elite, an Android-based dedicated POS hardware system with a built-in printer.
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woocommerce inventory desyncing

Why you should choose Oliver POS for your iOS/Android device

The Oliver iOS/Android point-of-sale system is flexible and scalable. It is suited to a vast range of industries and use cases whether you’re running a sports equipment store, a clothing store, a cafe, or a grocery store.

Our iOS/Android POS is built for customization. Get an OIiver plugin built for virtually any custom integration or feature that is critical to business operations.

Oliver stays synced to your online store, so you never have to worry about updating your WooCommerce store after a day of in-store sales. Keep your inventory synced, stay connected to your customers, and watch your sales skyrocket with the Oliver POS point of sale system for iOS/Android.

The Oliver POS App

A mobile point of sale system

The Oliver POS mobile application, available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, lets you turn your mobile device into a full-fledged POS.

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