Quickbooks POS Discontinued: What’s Next?

October 2, 2023

Quickbooks POS + WooCommerce

If you are running a WooCommerce store with Quickbooks as your accounting software, then you may be using Quickbooks POS. Unfortunately, Quickbooks recently announced that its POS system is being discontinued as of October 3rd, 2023. 

What does the discontinuation of Quickbooks POS mean for my business?

This discontinuation means that many businesses using Quickbooks POS software will now be in the market for a new POS. As of October 3rd, Intuit (the parent company of Quickbooks accounting + POS) will no longer support Quickbooks POS v19. Users will no longer be able to add new users or stores, make upgrades, collect payments with Intuit Payments, or receive customer support.  

Fortunately, there is a solution for Quickbooks POS users who need a new POS and want to continue to use Quickbooks accounting software and WooCommerce. That solution is Oliver POS.

Oliver POS vs. Quickbooks POS
Oliver POS vs. Quickbooks POS

Switching from Quickbooks POS to Oliver POS

For former users of the Quickbooks POS system who have a WooCommerce store, the switch to Oliver POS is a quick and simple one. Oliver POS takes WooCommerce as the single source of truth, ensuring your products, customers, and orders are never out of sync between your brick-and-mortar locations, online store, and warehouses. 

Automated Product Syncing: A Hassle-Free Switch

Worried about facing the usual hassle of re-entering each product into a new POS? You can rest easy, as Oliver POS makes the process automatic. Syncing your WooCommerce store to Oliver POS takes minutes, even if you have tens of thousands of products, customers, and orders. Furthermore, your WooCommerce store will always remain in sync with Oliver POS, automatically.

There’s more good news. Oliver POS has a modern, sleek, and intuitive user experience that sets it apart from other POS systems. Training your clerks will take no time.

Payment Solutions Post QuickBooks Discontinued Era

At this point, you may be curious about payment processing, Oliver integrates with a number of different options, and even offers its own: Oliver Pay. With Oliver Pay, merchants get competitive rates both in-store and online. Plus, you get the convenience of one dashboard for incoming payments, making payouts and accounting easier. If you’re satisfied with your current processor, check with the Oliver team to make sure it’s supported. If not, you can always create or commission an Oliver app for the processor in question. In fact, any feature or integration you need can be turned into an Oliver app.

Hardware Adaptability in the QuickBooks Discontinued Landscape

As far as hardware, if you go with Oliver Pay, you can use the sleek and modern BBPOS WisePOS E to process payments. This WiFi-enabled smart card reader has a 5” touchscreen display ideal for hybrid countertop and handheld use. Oliver also has integrations in development for the Clover Mini Flex and Mini as well as the Ingenico Lane 3000.

For your register, any browser-enabled device can run Oliver POS, from your tablet to your phone to your desktop computer. Oliver also has POS-dedicated registers of its own available which come with Oliver pre-installed as a native app. Oliver has also got you covered with other accessories, including printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, tablet stands, keyboards, and more. But if you’re happy with the Quickbooks POS hardware you have, just reach out to the Oliver team to make sure it’s compatible. 

Oliver POS hardware vs. Quickbooks POS hardware
Oliver POS hardware vs. Quickbooks POS hardware

Using Quickbooks accounting + Oliver POS 

Finally, you may be wondering whether you can continue to use Quickbooks for your accounting needs alongside Oliver POS. The answer is yes. Because Oliver POS has a tight integration with WooCommerce, any Quickbooks accounting integration that is made to work for WooCommerce will, in turn, work with Oliver POS.

More info: QuickBooks Desktop Point of Sale discontinuation

However, not all Quickbooks integrations will give you the same level of features, support, and convenience. If you aren’t using it already, we would recommend using the MyWorks Quickbooks integration, with which you get custom mapping, a full two-way sync, advanced settings, and 24/7 customer support. It is the most powerful and popular Quickbooks integration available for WooCommerce.

In the wake of the QuickBooks Discontinued announcement, forward-thinking is crucial. Oliver POS emerges as a beacon of evolution, ensuring your business not only adapts but thrives. Its compatibility with various hardware and seamless integration with WooCommerce positions it as a viable, user-friendly alternative. The transition is not about merely replacing QuickBooks POS but about upgrading to a system that’s geared for the future. Embracing Oliver POS is a step towards modern, efficient, and holistic point of sale solutions, making the QuickBooks Discontinued phase a launchpad for enhanced retail management.

Thanks for reading! We hope this guide helps you navigate the next 6 months, as you explore your options as a Quickbooks POS user. If you’re interested in initiating a migration from QuickBooks POS to Oliver POS, fill out this form.

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