Tech Companies Oliver POS and PressHero Team Up to Simplify the WooCommerce User Experience

April 27, 2023

September 17, 2021.

Tech Companies Oliver POS and PressHero Team Up to Simplify the WooCommerce User Experience

Oliver POS and PressHero are excited to announce the launch of their joint partnership. Both companies, located in Canada, have teamed up to offer WooCommerce services.

A tech startup based in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Oliver POS is a powerful and customizable point of sale solution designed to unite eCommerce with in-store retail. By syncing in-store retail to WooCommerce, Oliver simplifies omnichannel selling while providing all the features needed to run a successful shop. You can try Oliver POS for free here.

PressHero, based in London, Ontario,  specializes in delivering WordPress support and services. On top of providing support with WordPress installation, configuration, setup, and maintenance, they handle any issues that arise, provide customization for unique needs, and will even help with future shop updates and changes to a customer’s online store. PressHero helps WooCommerce merchants maintain and build their WordPress site, so they can focus on driving sales, generating leads, and growing their business.    

“PressHero has been working with Oliver POS since the beginning,” says Oliver POS CEO Mathias Nielsen. “It all started with a customer of ours back in 2018 who needed multiple inventories, a feature Oliver didn’t have at the time. PressHero was able to custom code a solution into Oliver POS to give them the features they needed to run their store.”

This partnership makes WooCommerce more accessible to merchants with little or no tech skills, and to merchants who require unique functionalities in their point of sale software. With Oliver POS’ open-source framework and limitless customization, and PressHeros’ dedicated customer support, WooCommerce merchants now have the power to build their own distinct point of sale software that suits their specific business needs. 

“We are excited to partner with Oliver POS to offer support to their customers and provide a direct line of communication to their developers for our WooCommerce customers,” says the PressHero team. 

To learn more about Oliver POS and PressHero, visit our website. 

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