The benefits of cloud printers for small businesses

April 27, 2023

An essential device when running any type of business is your receipt printer. But there are so many different printers out there; it can be challenging to find the right one for your business. Many businesses in 2021 have opted for wireless printers for their convenience, but that hardly narrows it down. From Bluetooth printers to cloud printers, there are countless printers to choose from.

So what are your options for wireless printers? And which one will be best for your business?

Thermal vs. Inkjet

If you’ve been on the hunt for a printer, you may have noticed thermal receipt printers far outnumber the inkjet. Printing technology has shifted away from inkjet for a few reasons. To start, inkjet printers are much more costly. On top of the initial price of the printer, you also need to replace the paper, ink cartridges and printheads regularly. Inkjet printers also tend to be slower and less effective, and well — who wants the added nuisance of replacing ink cartridges? 

On the other hand, thermal printers dominate the market because of their efficient speed, user-friendliness, and convenience. Thermal printers print faster, making all the difference while serving a long line of customers. Perhaps more importantly, thermal printers don’t have the extra and constant cost of replacing ink. This is especially helpful if you like to print your company logo on your receipt; a logo takes up a lot of ink, making it far more costly to print your logo every time. For a thermal printer, printing your logo has no added cost. On top of all that, thermal printers are easier to maintain. Simply replace the paper when it runs out — you never have to worry about repurchasing ink, dry ink, or ink spills. 

benefits of cloud printers for small businesses

Bluetooth vs. Wi-fi vs. Cloud Printers

Bluetooth printers

Bluetooth printers connect to your device through a networking protocol. Most modern devices come equipped with Bluetooth, so pairing your POS device to a Bluetooth printer should be no problem. However, one of the downsides of a Bluetooth printer is that it’s only designed to work over a short range. Some printers have a further range than others, but the farther the range, the more power you’ll need. This means a Bluetooth connection can drain your battery fast. While this might be fine for a temporary pop-up shop, it’s not ideal for daily operations in your store.

Wi-fi printers 

Wi-fi printers allow for a wider range than Bluetooth printers. As long as your POS and your printer are on the same Wi-fi and your printer is paired with your POS device, your receipts should print. While there is still a limitation on distance, a Wi-fi printer is still more convenient than a Bluetooth printer. Check out this article on Bluetooth printers vs. Wifi printers.

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Cloud printers

Cloud services are a new and innovative way of organizing and storing data. Its popularity has skyrocketed in the last few years because of its high security and convenience. Do you have a cloud-based POS? If not, here’s why you probably should

Because cloud receipt printers are such a new technology, your options are somewhat limited compared to other printers. On the other hand, because cloud printers are so fast, efficient, and convenient, the options you do have are excellent. 

Similar to a Wi-fi printer, a cloud-based printer needs a Wi-fi connection. Unlike a Wi-fi printer, a cloud printer doesn’t need to be connected to the same Wi-fi or within a certain range – cloud printers allow you to print from anywhere. You could be halfway around the world from your cloud printer and still print a receipt as if it was right next to you.

You may be familiar with Google Cloud Print, a technology that allowed you to print from any device, any location, to any printer with a cloud connection. As of January 2021, Google Cloud Print is no longer supported, leaving several businesses at a loss for how to manage their printing needs.

That’s where the Oliver Cloud Printer comes in. 

The Oliver Cloud Printer is designed to make running your small business easier. It connects directly to your POS software, eliminating the fuss of having to connect your device, as you would with a Bluetooth printer. After every online or in-store transaction, no matter where your printer is or what device you’re operating your POS on, Oliver POS will instantly and automatically push the information to your printer. That’s right – even your WooCommerce orders automatically print on the Oliver Cloud Printer!

This makes the Cloud Printer ideal for any business type. If you run a restaurant or cafe, your staff can take orders at the front-of-house and print a receipt directly to the kitchen staff without any worries of delays, lost receipts, or a lost connection. Likewise, retailers who keep their stock in a warehouse can easily print sale receipts or online WooCommerce receipts directly to their warehouse staff to start packing up orders for shipment, local delivery, or curbside pickup. 

As previously mentioned, because they’re such an innovative technology, the cloud printers on the market are limited and pricey. However, Oliver POS was designed for small businesses, and that doesn’t exclude our Cloud Printer. At $199 USD, the Oliver Cloud Printer is the most powerful, cost-effective, and convenient printer for small businesses.

Learn more about The Oliver Cloud Printer below.

Oliver Cloud Printer