The benefits of using a POS with your WooCommerce Store

April 27, 2023

What is a point of sale system?

A point of sale or point of purchase system allows shop owners to ring in customers. If you’re a retail store owner, you’ll need to manage inventory, cash flow and sales reports — not to mention all of the administrative tasks that need to happen so that your store can run smoothly. Having a practical point of sale system guarantees operations will run smoothly. It’s the central component of running your in-person store, where everything from inventory management to payment processing, sales, and customer management merge. Having reliable POS software makes life easier for retail store owners. 

Why use a free POS system for your WooCommerce store?

Suppose you’re a retail store owner looking to take your business online, or an eCommerce store owner who wants to sell wares at a brick-and-mortar location or an in-person setting like a farmer’s market or a pop-up shop. In that case, you need an adaptable point of sale solution. Oliver POS is a free WooCommerce POS that allows you to manage online and in-store inventory in a simple, user-friendly point of sale register. Plus, it’s available on any device with a web browser — meaning you can try our software without ever spending a dime on expensive point-of-sale hardware.

What’s more, we’ve partnered with PressHero to bring online store owners first-class support and customization for their WordPress websites. Let’s dive in and explore how PressHero and Oliver POS can benefit your retail business. 

A POS software that syncs with your store

When looking for a POS solution that interfaces directly with your WooCommerce shop, you’ll quickly learn the limitations of the solutions in the market. Business owners love building websites with WooCommerce (an eCommerce plugin) and WordPress because they are free, scalable and customizable. Beyond just website builders, you can adapt WordPress and WooCommerce for use in almost any situation imaginable because of the millions of plugins available, which add functionality to your site.

In fact, WooCommerce powers over 28% of all online stores. Because of its effectiveness at successfully integrating commerce with content management, WooCommerce allows store owners to manage and build their online stores however they need. 

Adaptable, open-source point of sale solutions in the WooCommerce ecosystem aren’t easy to come by. But the right point of sale system can help bring an eCommerce shop to the next level and provide store owners with the freedom and flexibility to run their unique shops successfully. 

Oliver POS is one such solution. It mirrors the flexibility and versatility that store owners and web developers alike enjoy when using WordPress. Running a store with an online and in-person presence has never been easier. 

The benefits of a WooCommerce POS for your staff

Your staff are one of the most vital aspects of your business. We provide detailed reporting on employee activities, with weekly insights into which salespeople are performing the best. 

Shop owners can also set sales goals for their staff with Oliver. With the monthly sales goal feature, retailers can set custom goals for each employee to meet every month to drive sales.

The register is also easy-to-use, and a user-friendly POS screen can go a long way in making staff feel comfortable and confident selling in an in-person setting. The simplicity and customization options found in Oliver mean you save time training your staff. 

The benefits of a WooCommerce POS for your customers

Oliver’s POS software has a customer database — meaning you can add new customers in real-time, directly at the point of sale. A customer database management system allows you to view transaction and receipt history and increase your revenue by selling smarter. By leveraging data about who’s visiting your store alongside their repeat purchases, you can nurture long-lasting relationships and build unique omnichannel experiences for your customers. 

We’re also integrated with WooCommerce Points and Rewards, allowing you to reward your customers with discounts by collecting redeemable points with every purchase they make. It’s just one of the many benefits of using our WooCommerce POS software. 

How PressHero helps website owners

PressHero takes the headache out of WordPress site management. They’ve worked with Oliver POS customers since we first launched our POS system and have helped their clients set up their stores and customized Oliver’s plugin to suit their client’s unique needs. 

We are excited to partner with PressHero to offer our adaptable POS solution to their customers and allow our clients to use PressHero’s dedicated WordPress support. Our developers work directly with PressHero, so you can keep your WooCommerce store running smoothly.

– Mathias Nielsen, Oliver POS CEO

PressHero manages your webshop, while you focus on running your business

PressHero can manage your website with a complete support program.

ECommerce retail sales are up, with a growth rate of over 32% in 2020. Suppose you’re a retail store owner who runs an eCommerce shop using WordPress. In that case, much of your time might be spent working on your website itself — updating plugins, ensuring your SEO is up-to-date, and adding functionality with the many plugins on the market is no small task. 

While the WordPress ecosystem allows enhanced flexibility and scalability, managing a WordPress website might be a daunting undertaking for the average business owner. Luckily, PressHero can manage your website with a complete support program

What does unlimited support mean? They provide dedicated support at the same price every month and make sure your website runs smoothly. Their services allow retail shop owners to focus on driving sales, order fulfilment and lead generation. 

Are you starting from scratch? Need help growing your online business? PressHero can help with that, too

Not only can PressHero help maintain your WordPress site, but they can also help you build it, too! Their team designs and develops WordPress websites from scratch, customizes plugins, ensures your site is secure and even helps with digital marketing and SEO. 

There are many benefits of having experts like the folks at PressHero manage your website, especially if you’re an Oliver POS customer. They have a proven track record of providing Oliver’s customers with dedicated, friendly support and next-level integrations. 

Try Oliver for free

Oliver POS updates your cash drawer balance in real-time with every cash purchase, keeping inventory up-to-date and eliminating the need for time-consuming inventory management. WooCommerce’s Rest API syncs inventory as soon as you make a sale at the cash register, and features like customer management, staff management, and multiple payment integrations make it an excellent choice for your WooCommerce store. 

Try a free demo of our adaptable POS solution today — no credit card, no commitment, plus a free plan jam-packed with exciting features. 

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