What’s new with Oliver POS?

April 27, 2023

We are excited to announce whats new with Oliver POS. We redesigned Oliver Hub with a completely new look and new features.

Whats new with Oliver POS? – The Oliver Hub

But you may be wondering – what exactly is Oliver Hub?

Oliver Hub is the heart of your POS. While the Register is where you sell from, the Hub is where you manage your entire shop. It’s where all of your shop settings, customer information, staff data, and sales reports live. The Hub plays a crucial role, not only in your POS, but in your entire shop. With Hub, you manage everything from your cash roundings, to your staff, and more importantly, you gain essential insights into your customers, your staff, your sales, and your store’s overall performance. 

So, what’s new about it? We’ll tell you.

Perhaps the most remarkable change is the restructured interface. We’ve revamped the interface to be cleaner, fresher, and more intuitively organized. We wanted to make it as easy as possible for you to gather all the insights you need about your shop – which is why the Dashboard has been revamped to display your monthly revenue, a category breakdown of your monthly sales, total sales and orders, best sellers, and payment breakdowns, all displayed in neat charts and graphs so you can learn it in in just a quick glance!

One of our most compelling new features in Hub 2.0 is the detailed Customer Profiles. Under ‘Customers’ on the main menu, you will find a comprehensive list of all of your customer information. At a quick glance you can learn when the customer was created, the date of their last purchase, and whether they’ve purchased in your physical store or online. Click their name, and find out their total purchases, orders, store credit, and their overall activity. With these in-depth customer insights, not only can you easily keep track of who your most loyal customers are, but track their buying habits and their favourite products. Knowing your customers will help you keep them coming back, and selling better.

Next up, reports. Reports are the most essential part of Oliver Hub. Reports are divided into Sales Insights and Financial Summary. Sales Insights displays a chart of your online and POS sales, along with weekly sales summary, including average sales per day, and average product price, graphs demonstrating orders, customer growth, hourly sales, and items sold, with a comparison to last week’s reports. To see reports from another store location, select ‘Location’ in the top right corner of the page.

Under Financial Insights, you’ll find a detailed financial summary. These include revenue and orders by date, along with in-depth reports of refunds, discounts, net sales, taxes, and more. On top of all that, we’ve also got a payment summary, both for your POS and your online store.

Hub 2.0 also has improved employee reports. Under ‘Settings’, select ‘Staff’. Here, you can set a monthly sales goal for each staff member, and track their progress. Keep track of each employee’s monthly sales, orders, customers, and transactions. Encourage your staff to make sales, and discover through these employee insights who your best salespeople are. 

But Oliver Hub isn’t the only thing that’s new!

The Oliver Register is new with Oliver POS

We gave the Oliver Register a few extra features and a cleaner interface, to make it more functional and more user-friendly.

Just as an example, options such as Split Payment, Park Sale, Add Customer, and Store Credit are more accessible during checkout. Register 2.0 provides a quick and seamless checkout experience for both you and your customers.

Your Activity View, where you can view all of your shop’s activity, now has advanced filtering options so you can find any and all sales you’ve ever made. Filter online and POS sales, layaways, refunds, parked sales, and even filter by employees! Keeping track of sales has never been easier.

On top of that, your new Register has your extensions and Apps readily available for quick access. Apps are accessible under your Product View and during Checkout, so you can sell better and provide a smooth checkout.

Pretty neat, huh?

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Still want to know more? Visit our FAQs and Knowledge Base for more in-depth guides and tutorials! If you still can’t find your answer, send us a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!