WordPress plugins every web developer should know

April 27, 2023

Web development can be a tedious, time-consuming task. Luckily, there are WordPress plugins for web developers out there designed to save us time and to make our lives a little bit easier. Every developer has their own preferences and requirements, but generally speaking, these are some the best WordPress plugins that every web developer should know.

Query Monitor

Every developer needs a de-bugging software, and there are plenty of great WordPress plugins out there for this. However, Query Monitor goes above and beyond your usual de-bugging plugin. This WordPress plugin not only detects malfunctions, but deciphers which plugins or add-ons are causing them. It even resolves issues with AJAX and Rest API. It displays information in an organized, accessible way that’s easy to understand.


When it comes to your site’s security, you want the best. WordFence proves the most reliable and effective. It features firewalls that cannot be bypassed, and advanced scanners that check for any kind of attack, including malware, code injections, and much more. This plugin also implements the use of stronger passwords and limited login attempts for extra security. It’s updated frequently, so your security never lags behind.

Temporary Login Without Password

This little known WordPress plugin comes in handy as a third-party web developer, or if you’ve hired on another external developer for a small job. This plugin allows the site administrator to temporarily give full admin access to their site, without having to create a full account with a username and password. It’s automatic, and the administrator can choose the expiration of the access.


When it comes to front-end customization, Elementor is one of the most advanced and user friendly page builders for. This WordPress plugin makes building web pages a simple and speedy process, by allowing users to build directly onto the page with instant results, and tons of useful features. It provides a responsive mode to view your site from different devices, and a revision history allowing users to return to older versions of the page. With an intuitive layout, Elementor can’t be beat.

Health Check

Every developer needs a troubleshooting plugin. Health Check runs through your entire system, and reports all configuration issues including PHP and MySQL issues, and more. It even troubleshoots issues that affect only specific users on your site, by disabling the malfunctioning add-on only for that specific user. It also allows users to experiment with different combinations of configurations to ensure there are no conflicts among your plugins and add-ons.

Oliver POS

While it may not be a plugin you initially imagined when it comes to web development, Oliver is a unique and interesting WordPress plugin for web developers. With it’s open source framework, Oliver is an excellent plugin to build and implement your own extensions to make money as a freelancer, or to make custom developments on on behalf of your clients.