Stay on top of your WooCommerce business with the Oliver Hub

Stay on top of your Woo business with the Oliver Hub

Manage your most important brick-and-mortar business operations and receive up-to-date reports in the Oliver Hub.
pos management

The brick-and-mortar extension
to your WooCommerce dashboard

Trusted by hundreds of WooCommerce merchants worldwide

Brick-and-mortar business intelligence for WooCommerce

The Oliver POS Hub is your back office for brick-and-mortar business operations. It's where you go to do everything from staff management to receipt configuration to Oliver plugin installation.
POS Management HUB
Reports and analytics

Take control of your omnichannel business with Oliver reports

Get information about every aspect of your business with OIiver reports.  Generate and export custom reports based on date range and location. Use alongside WooCommerce reports for maximum efficacy.
Reports include:
  • Financial report
  • Product sales report
  • Tax report
  • Store credit report
  • Employee report
  • Payments report
  • Customers report

Simple payment configuration for integrated processing

Configure payments using the Oliver Hub. Connect your preferred payment terminal for integrated card processing, avoiding the hassle of manual entry.
Payment types include:
  • Cash
  • Credit and debit
  • Google/Apple Pay
  • Split payments
  • Layaway
  • Custom
payment processing
For fast-growing businesses

Oliver POS scales with you

Track sales, orders, and customers for every individual register.
Track sales, orders, customers, and registers for every individual location.
Create multiple inventories for every individual location.
Track sales and orders for every individual staff member.
Manage Customer With Oliver POS

Know your customers across all locations and channels

The Oliver POS Hub lets you look up any customer, whether they purchased online or in one of your physical storefronts. Track total spend, order history, store credit, and more on a per customer basis.

Advanced receipt configuration to increase customer retention

With Oliver's receipt builder, you can ensure your receipts include the basic information associated with each transaction as well as additional information, like your return policy, website URL, order notes, and more.
Manage Customer With Oliver POS
Manage Customer With Oliver POS

Manage your staff with greater efficiency

The Oliver Hub gives you insight into staff productivity with the employee report. It also allows you to create and modify staff roles to determine exactly how much access each user has to the register and hub.

Support you can count on

With Oliver, you're in good hands
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