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Oliver apps bring the functionality you want directly to the Oliver POS Register and Kiosk.

Don't see the Oliver app you need?

Reach out to us to get the Oliver app you need built. The starting point can be a WordPress plugin or any other tool that would make your business operations easier.
oliver plugins
Oliver plugins

Sell the way you want to with Oliver apps

With Oliver apps, you can bring whatever functionality you need straight to Oliver POS, Kiosk, and Sites.


Oliver apps can be activated and configured in seconds


Tweak an existing Oliver app as you see fit


Build apps in any or even no programming language


Oliver apps are available as soon as you purchase the Pro plan

The starting point for an Oliver app

The inspiration for an Oliver app can come from many sources, including:
  • Bringing the functionality of your online store to Oliver POS
  • Digitizing reference material that staff regularly use
  • Building a better omnichannel purchase experience for customers
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Build apps any way you want to

Whether you're a developer or not, you can build custom Oliver apps with any (or no) programming language. As an example, you can use a WordPress site builder to design something that can be loaded in the Oliver Register.

Support you can count on

With Oliver, you're in good hands
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