5 Reasons why cloud-based POS systems are better

April 27, 2023

What is a cloud-based POS, you may ask? Cloud-based means your data is stored digitally on a host of remote servers on the internet, instead of stored on a device. Traditional POS systems store all data within the in-store POS hardware. However, retailers are moving away from this model, and are instead opting for the more modern cloud-based POS systems. Why?

1. More mobility.

You have access to your POS anytime and anywhere. Traditional POS systems only allowed access directly from the terminal at your front desk, and nowhere else. With cloud-based, you can access your POS anywhere you have an internet connection and a device. Imagine the possibilities! You can go anywhere, and bring your entire shop with you. This definitely comes in handy if you’re bringing your shop anywhere else, such as a pop-up shop or if selling door to door. Some POS systems are available on your mobile device, such as Oliver POS, or offer mobile hardware for improved mobility.

2. Updates are quick.

With a cloud-based POS, once you update it, it will be updated everywhere. No need to waste valuable time updating on every device. In addition to that, if your POS is fully integrated with your online inventory, then there’s no need for manual updates at all! Your POS will update in real-time, automatically, and save you the hassle of having to update inventory once you make sales on your POS.

3. More affordable.

Overall, cloud-based POS systems are more affordable than traditional POS systems. Traditional POS systems require in-store servers, which can be quite costly, especially if you’d like multiple checkouts or multiple locations. With a cloud-based POS, any device can be used.

4. Information is more accessible.

With a cloud-based POS, all of your data, information, and reports are much more accessible and accurate. They update in real-time, so you can check your data at any point during the day and it will be up to date. You can access your shop’s data from anywhere, as well, unlike a traditional POS for which you would have to be in the store to check your reports. With cloud-based, it’s much more convenient to keep track of your business.

5. More security.

All of your shop’s information is in the cloud, which means if your hardware gets stolen or damaged, your POS and all its information will still be untouched. Since everything is updated in real-time, in the case of damage, loss of power, or some unforeseen malfunction, your information is still safe! It can be easily restored and opened on another device. In addition to this, your data is safer because cloud-based systems allow for extra security measures such as encryption and two-factor identification, so your POS is safe from bugs and breaches.

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