How to keep your business thriving during COVID-19

April 27, 2023

So, the world is in a strange place right now. But don’t panic–businesses are still managing to thrive, and so can yours. Businesses that offer essential groceries are doing great, but what about the rest of us? It’s time to rethink our strategies and adapt to the current situation. During self-isolation, everyone is doing everything online, so it’s time to follow suit and move your business online too. Let’s talk about how to keep your business thriving.

Stay active on social media.

Keep making posts to remind your follows that you’re still here, and selling awesome products. Post pictures and videos of your products, post about your happy customers, post about your deals and your offers.

Have an awesome online store.

You probably already have an online store, but if you don’t–now is the time to get on that. While many shoppers are self-isolating, they’re still online shopping! So make sure your online store looks great, is user-friendly and is up to date. Offer free shipping or an extended return policy to incentivize people to make an order! If you’d like some tips on revamping your online store, read this article.

Offer online services.

This might not apply to every retail business, but it is a good time to think outside the box. Do you sell art supplies? Offer an online painting class. Are you a clothing boutique? Offer personal shopping services. Get creative!

Create content.

A great way to get people involved with your business is to create content for everyone at home. People are spending more time on their devices than usual, so take advantage! Film a tutorial on how to use one of your products, or film an unboxing video. Or, write an informative article relevant to your business.

Local delivery.

To keep your business thriving during COVID-19, you have to make it as easy as possible for people to shop from you. A great way to incentivize the locals to purchase from your online store is to offer free local delivery. It’s hard to resist something being delivered right to your door for free! Advertise on your social media pages, your online store, and everywhere you can that you’re offering this service, and shoppers will definitely be more likely to purchase from you. Use a mobile POS to make deliveries easier, such as the Oliver Go, or simply install your POS onto your own mobile device.

Offer great discounts and deals.

Make them good, especially for products or services that are at a higher price point or more long-term. You want to lock in bigger sales to make up for whatever losses you’ve had. Don’t forget to advertise your deals on your social media and online store pages!

Reach out to your customers.

Let them know what you’re doing to combat COVID-19, and how you’ll be adapting your business. Reach out to your most loyal customers and let them know just how important they are, and ask what you can do to help them.

Reach out to other businesses.

Discussing your strategies with other businesses struggling with the same obstacles can be a great boost in motivation and inspiration. You can learn from one another, and help support each other in your time of need. Everyone is in this together, after all!