Why you need a mobile POS

April 27, 2023

Are you selling from your mobile device? If not, it might be time to reconsider! As the name suggests, a mobile POS is a small wireless point of sale device that carries out all the functions of a regular POS. Some POS companies design their own mobile hardware, like Oliver Go. Today, however, we’re discussing POS systems that can be installed directly into any mobile device. More and more retail businesses are using this type of POS–here are a few reasons why!

Sell Anywhere.

With a mobile POS, your shop can go wherever you go. Whether that’s just down the street or across the globe, you now have the means to make your business flourish. Obviously, this type of POS is ideal for businesses that operate out of a vehicle and are always on the move, but it opens up so many possibilities for even traditional retailers. Maybe you’d like to have a sidewalk sale on a summer’s day, to take advantage of all the foot traffic. Or maybe open a pop-up shop at a local event or farmer’s market. Or, maybe you’d like to travel to an entirely different city or country and introduce your business to a whole new customer base. The possibilities are endless when your shop is as mobile as your phone.

Expand your Reach.

It goes without saying, if your business is able to travel in the ways mentioned above, your customer base will expand exponentially. Shoppers who would have never heard of your business before now have the opportunity to shop for your products and learn about your brand. Make sure you bring business cards, so shoppers will be able to look you up and shop on your online store. You can’t go wrong. If you’d like to learn about reaching your local market first, check out this blog!

mobile pos or shop owner with a mobile point of sale

Save Money.

POS hardware can be expensive. Especially if you’re a small or startup business, you probably don’t want to spend a chunk of your expenses on hardware. So why not sell from the devices you already have? Invest your money more wisely, and utilize your resources! Some POS software is free, so you can save even more.

Faster Service.

On an even smaller scale, you’re also more flexible inside your own store. With a mobile POS, waiting in line at a physical ‘checkout’ is no longer necessary. Instead, you can bring the checkout to the customers! Not only is a mobile checkout speedy in itself, but if you have multiple staff working, you can check out multiple customers at the same time. No more long lines, no more waiting, and no more irate customers! Your customers will have a more satisfying experience with your business, and your profits will skyrocket because you’ll never miss out on a sale!

mobile pos

It’s Accessible.

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile POS is that it is so accessible. There’s no clunky hardware to worry about setting up, there are no hidden fees or investments, which means anyone can open up their own retail shop and sell from a mobile POS. They’re an amazing option for beginners and startups who don’t have a ton of experience or funds when beginning their new careers in retail. Sound like you? You should give it a try!

It’s Environmentally Friendly.

Why add to the accumulating build-up of plastic and paper? With a mobile POS, you’re using resources you already have, so you don’t have to purchase any additional hardware. Similarly, without a big machine that needs to be plugged in like a traditional POS, you’re wasting much less energy. Finally, on a mobile POS your receipts will all be paperless. Opt instead to email your customers their receipts. Be a friend to the environment, and sell from your mobile device!

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