Best mobile POS systems

January 5, 2024

We’ve already talked about why you need a mobile POS – now, lets discuss the best mobile POS. They’re extremely convenient, and we’re seeing a shift in both retail and hospitality from the traditional styles of POS and to the more flexible, mobile POS systems. For example, hospitality businesses often require their staff to physically go to their patrons – think of a restaurant, or a hotel. It’s so much more convenient to bring the checkout to your patrons. But even when it comes to retail, a mobile POS makes everyone’s lives so much easier. 

With a mobile POS, your staff can carry a POS with them at all times and ring in sales from anywhere in the store. It makes for quick, convenient checkouts and excellent customer service. Especially if your POS has customer profiles, like Oliver POS, so your staff can look up your customers past purchases on the fly, or see customer notes to help make a personal connection and make a better sale. 

Likewise, mobile POS systems are very handy for businesses that are on the go. For example, food trucks or retail trucks, pop up shops, farmer’s market stands, and so on. A mobile POS is so handy when keeping track of your stock, checking on customers, and keeping track of cash flow. For a small business, the details really do matter. 

So, by now you’re probably in the market for a mobile POS. That’s probably why you clicked on this blog in the first place, right?

Well, let’s go over the best mobile POS systems that will help you expand your business like a gosh darn pro.

When we talk mobile POS, we basically just mean any POS system that can travel with you. And luckily for you, most POS systems these days are cloud-based, which means they can actually work extremely well with iPads. POS Systems like OIiver POS, Square POS, Vend POS, or Hike POS will all work on your iPad. But let’s so you want to go even more mobile. You want to hold that thing in in the palm of your hand like it’s a snack. 

What about a POS that works on your phone?

Oliver POS is fully functional on your mobile device, including iOS and Android. It’s compatible with any browser, so you can open up your POS without having to download any additional apps. But don’t worry – the interface is totally functional and intuitive. What’s more is that Oliver POS is one of the few POS systems that gives you access to your entire POS on your mobile device, including customer profiles, inventory, and sales reports. 

Square is available on your phone as a free app. It offers in-house payment processing at a fee, and you can access your entire POS. 

Shopify, like Oliver POS, can be opened on any device or browser including mobile phones and tablets, including iOS and Android. Shopify gives you full access to your POS.

Shopkeep is available on your mobile device, and also offers the Shopkeep Pocket app which includes a payment processor. However, you cannot access your full POS on your phone. 

So you have a few options if you want to use your smartphone as your POS. It’s easy and convenient – you already have one, your staff already have one – you may as well take advantage. But what if you want something a little bit more professional for your shop?

The best mobile POS hardware

Clover – The Clover Flex

Clover offers the Clover Flex, a handheld POS system. According to the Clover site, the Clover Flex takes payments, offers inventory support, customer lists, and sales reports. It also offer integrations with external apps. Pretty hand, right? 

Oliver POS – The Oliver Go

Not only does Oliver POS work on your smartphone or tablet, but they also offer their own line of hardware including the Oliver Go. As with Oliver POS on your mobile phone, The Oliver Go gives you full access to your POS so you have access to all the information you normally would, including your sales history, sales reports, customer information, and more. The Oliver Go also comes equipped with a built-in printer and barcode scanner to make your life a whole lot easier! Want to learn more about the Oliver Go? Click here. 

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