How to implement contactless payments in your store

April 27, 2023
In the post-COVID era, keeping your store safe is every shop owner’s number one priority. One of the best ways to do this is contactless payments. Retail has been leaning this way for a while, as a more convenient and quick method for checking out, but the outbreak of COVID-19 really kickstarts the shift into a completely contactless shopping experience. According to Mastercard Content Exchange, a global study found that 82% of consumers think contactless payments are the cleaner way to pay. On top of that, 74% consumers state that they will continue to use contactless payments even after the pandemic settles. Clearly, shoppers prefer contactless payments – and that’s not about to change any time soon. If shoppers don’t feel safe in your store, guess what? They’ll skip it. This C+R study states that over half of consumers are afraid of shopping at the grocery store, and due to this, 73% of consumers shop less. Don’t let your shoppers feel unsafe in your store – make it a positive experience! Nobody wants to shop in fear. Make your store as safe as possible, so your shoppers feel good about it and want to come back for more. We’ve already outlined the best practices for keeping your retail store safe. Now, let’s dive into your options for contactless payments in your store.


It’s quick and easy. More and more consumers are using cards with tap, or using digital wallets such as Apple Pay or Google Pay on their devices. This isn’t just a safe method of payment, it’s also quick, so you can move through your checkout faster than traditional card payments. If your store doesn’t already offer a card reader with tap, discuss your options with your payment processor. Luckily, Oliver POS integrates with third party payment processors, so you can easily implement tap as a contactless payment method.

Digital Payments

Digital or online payments are ideal if you’re offering curbside pick up or delivery. Taking orders through your online store with payment processors such as Stripe is an easy way to collect contactless payments. However, another option is digital invoices, which allows your customers to receive their bill electronically and pay online through their bank or with services like PayPal. Alternatively, if you’re a small business, e-transfer is another way to take payments electronically. As mentioned, these options are great if you’re offering pickup or delivery services. Even if your retail shop is open for the public, many consumers still feel uncomfortable in an enclosed public space. It may be a good idea to continue offering alternative shopping options. This is why it might be wise to continue offering contactless delivery and pick up options for your shoppers, so they can shop safely from a distance.


One of the best ways to implement contactless payments is through self-checkout. Self-checkout requires no contact at all, and allows both your shoppers and your staff to maintain a safe distance at all times. According to Retail Dive’s study, 73% of consumers prefer self-service retail technologies before COVID-19. In this new era of strict safety precautions, self-checkout will rule the retail scene. Your shoppers will feel much more at ease if they can checkout themselves, and glide through the shopping experience without the stress of risky contact. Sanitize the terminal after every check out, and your shoppers will feel completely at ease checking out in your store. Oliver POS’ line of self-checkout terminals is coming soon, so stay tuned!

Email Receipts

Skip the printed receipts. Your shoppers, and the environment, will thank you for it. Paper receipts are becoming a thing of the past, so get yourself a system like Oliver POS that lets you email an electronic copy of the receipt to your customers. Less wasteful paper, and less contact. Did you find this blog helpful? Follow us on social media and never miss an update! Facebook Twitter Linkedin