5 ways to upsell with your POS

April 27, 2023

If you’ve been in retail for a while, then you’re already familiar with upselling and cross-selling. Heck, you’re probably an expert at it. But have you ever considered trying to upsell with your POS system? That’s right! On top of actually processing your sale, your POS software might also be able to help you sell even more!  Let’s go over some of our tips, and learn how to upsell with your POS!

Keep your smaller products by the checkout.

This tip isn’t directly on your point of sale, but it’s part of the checkout process, so that counts, right? This tip might seem obvious, but don’t overlook it! All of your small, lower-cost items such as accessories, add-ons, or snacks–I guarantee you will sell more if you place them by your point of sale. While your customers are waiting in line or being rung-through, they’ll have nothing else to do but browse your awesome selection, and they might decide on a few last-minute purchases. On the other hand, if you place these items anywhere else in the store, your customers will have to carry them around, and by the time they’ve made it to the checkout, they might decide they don’t need it after all.  So, rearrange those smaller items and see the difference it makes!

Have product suggestions when customers are checking out.

This tactic to upsell with your POS works for both online and brick-and-mortar stores. Smart suggestions based on your customers’ purchase history or the products they’re about to buy are a great way to upsell. While cashiers and servers can always upsell themselves, it’s more efficient to have an extension on your POS that auto-suggests instead. This way, your cashiers don’t have to stress about coming up ideas at the last minute. This tactic even more effective if you’ve got a customer-facing screen, so your customer can see the suggestions without your cashier even having to say anything.

This tactic works wonders for online stores as well. While your customers are shopping on your webshop, a pop-up displaying personalized recommendations will be extremely effective.

There are a number of great extensions that auto-suggest products, such as Beeketing for WooCommerce and Product Suggestions for WooCommerce.

Get a Points and Rewards system.

Customers are more likely to pay more if they feel they’re getting a great deal. That’s why Points and Rewards systems are crucial–every purchase makes them feel like they’re getting something. A great way to upsell with your POS is to notify your customers when they’ve accumulated almost enough points to win something. Perhaps they need to spend twenty more dollars and they’ll win a discount. They’ll be more likely to spend more because–well, who doesn’t want a discount?

Check customer purchase history.

Customer information is arguably the number one most important thing in sales. If you want to upsell with your POS (or sell anything at all, actually), you need to know what your customer needs! The best POS systems, such as Oliver POS, log customer information so you can effectively keep track of your customers. If your POS doesn’t have this option–you might need a new one! Having a quick scan of your customers’ history can tell you some essential information. For example, if your customer purchased something a few weeks ago, ask them how they’re doing with it, and suggest other products as add-ons or to make improvements to the product they already have. Based on what they’ve previously purchased, you know what they like to buy, how much they’re willing to spend, and you can make an educated guess as to what they might like to purchase next.

Have a customer-facing screen.

As previously mentioned, this works wonders if you have an extension that makes product suggestions or if you have a points and rewards program. The visual of personalized recommendations, amazing add-ons, great sales, or how many points they’ve accumulated, will inspire your customers to purchase more. Plus, with the screen displaying all this information, your staff’s jobs will be a little easier!

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